"I would highly recommend BLMS to any one who is looking for a license tracking system. It saves time, money, and reduces the need to hire additional employees. Great service." – Joseph Foldenauer, Licensing Manager, BJ's Restaurants


"We began using Business Licensing in December 2014 and so far it has been a fantastic way of tracking about 6500 licenses." – Betsy King, Tax Department, Fas mart


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“We would not be successful in business license compliance for new stores without Business Licenses, LLC.” – Denise Thomas, Manager of Sales and Use and Property Tax, Gymboree Corporation


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“Regarding the data that Business Licenses, LLC provided, it is 1st Class. As we move forward in expanding our fire-related service business, I am certain that we will be asking Business Licenses, LLC for data on additional states, counties, and cities.” – John Tomin, Service Delivery Operations Manager, Diebold


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“In our case, Business Licenses, LLC handles operational licensing requirements ranging from weights and measurement to health permits. If you’re doing business across all of the states like we are, you find that every agency has requirements specific and unique to their locale. We’d have to have a person doing it full time, but they can do it faster, better and a lot cheaper than we can.” – Joe Reeves, Tax Manager, Teavana Corporation


“I have been taking care of our company's licenses for over 20 years. I have never been as on top of our licenses as I am now. I love this system and I am sorry I didn't get it sooner.” – Amanda Bergman, Rolyn Companies


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