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  • Centralize your business licenses — Put it all together in one place. You don't have to rely on your location managers anymore. And if there's one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it's that centralized software solutions may be the only thing that keeps your office workflow intact.

  • Increase productivity — You can do more than mere business licenses. Learn how to proactively manage your contracts, workforce licenses, vehicle licenses, leases, and more. You already have the background and experience to get the job done. Now find out how much more you can accomplish when you have the right business license workflow tools.

  • Eliminate missed filings — Your old spreadsheet isn't going to alert you when a filing deadline is fast approaching or when an employee's credentials are about to expire. You also can't combine multiple filings into one batch to ensure consistency and accuracy. Our software will do just that.

  • Reduce risk — Make sure you understand everything. You need to be in control of your department's business license portfolio before a wayward municipal government seizes that control from you. They are starved for revenue in the current environment and they will be enforcing their compliance rules.

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Business Licenses, LLC is home to the largest concentration of business license expertise in North America and we love to share our knowledge with prospective clients. You may arrange a consultation with one of our research, filing, or renewal professionals to help you gain valuable perspective on the ever-changing world of business license compliance.