Basic Compliance Package for Uber Drivers
Let's get started!
Step 1 ... Understand the Process

With a basic compliance package, our staff will research your unique requirements and create a package containing all of the applications, instructions, and forms necessary for you to obtain your business licenses and permits. In the end, you will have all of the research necessary to move forward on your own and become an Uber driver.

Step 2 ... Know How You Plan to Incorporate

When you move forward, we will need to know 3 critical pieces of information. First, are you planning to create a corporation or an LLC? Second, in what state will you incorporate? Third, will you operate under a DBA?

Step 3 ... Get in Touch

That's all we need right now. Once we know how to reach you, one of our licensing specialists will give you a shout and complete the process along with you.

Contact Information

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