New BLMS Features

Business Licenses, LLC has formally announced the availability of product enhancements for its popular SaaS-based licensing compliance solution. These new features allow customers to oversee opaque areas of their business that are often vulnerable to non-compliance mishaps. The new capabilities include:

Professional License Tracking - Especially relevant to healthcare, manufacturing, and service contractors, customers can use this feature to track essential information about their professionally licensed employees, such as license numbers, certifications, renewal dates, and more.

Vehicle License Tracking - Notably useful for customers in the transportation, construction, and agriculture industries, this product enhancement enables them to track details for vehicles that need to be frequently licensed and renewed.

Contract Tracking - Meeting a strong demand from industries that utilize maintenance and equipment contracts, this feature empowers users to manage their large portfolio of service-oriented contracts.

Property/Lease Tracking - Every customer that rents, leases, or sublets physical locations can stay up-to-date on the terms and conditions of their properties with this new product feature.

Violation Tracking - A powerful solution for customers in food service and hospitality among many other heavily regulated industries, this feature also contains resolution workflow and payment processing.

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