Business License Software


BLMS® is a robust application designed to streamline the management of heavy volumes of governmental licenses. It is a cloud-based solution that combines a business license calendar, workflow automation, and a flexible license repository. It also comes bundled with our proprietary License Determination Tool at no extra charge. Learn More >


Built upon a database of current business license data — that features over 120,000 documents from almost every licensing authority in the United States — LDT® allows users to research licenses, relevant applications, and related forms at the click of a few buttons. No licensing department should be without this definitive compliance tool. Learn More >

Why are companies switching to dynamic licensing tools?

Switching is never easy, but it's never been more important. That's because licensing has never been in such a state of flux. Licensing authorities are getting more aggressive and they are sharing information with one another at unprecedented rates. That's why so many tax, legal, and compliance departments have chosen to move beyond their one-dimensional spreadsheets, static PDFs, and disorganized emails (not to mention their stacks of printed paper and dusty file cabinets).

Who's using these software solutions?

Software applications designed specifically for business license management and research are indispensable tools for achieving business license compliance. Our compliance tools enable leading companies in almost every industry — retail, food service, hospitality, healthcare, banking, and more — to stay on top of their business licensing activities. Some of the largest corporations in North America are already utilizing these cloud-based license management systems to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.