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Plans for Fee Increases Cancelled, & New Licenses Required Next Year

While there is no change to its business license fee system, marijuana & liquor retailers in Durango, CO will be required to have licenses next year.

“This is not the year to try and achieve equity within our clerk’s department,” Councilor Dean Brookie said….Alcohol and marijuana sellers in Durango receive their business licenses for free when they pay for or renew specialty licenses. Next year, they will have to pay for a license, the same as other businesses.

As two heavily regulated activities, the process of obtaining licenses for pot & alcohol retailers can be daunting. Get help with the application and filing process, & order a Business License Compliance Package.

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Crackdown in Belvidere Leads to Potential Implementation of Business Licenses

City officials in Belvidere, IL are now considering setting up some sort of business license system, as a way to monitor businesses, after recent search of massage parlors in the city led to 14 arrests.

Mayor Mike Chamberlain said the city doesn’t have a business licensing system because it didn’t want to hinder new operations with expenses and fees. Officials now want to consider no-cost licenses. “That gives the city the ability to pull somebody’s business license,” Chamberlain said.

There’s a reason almost every city in the US has some sort of business license system in place – it’s to prevent illegal activity from going on. Get your Business License Compliance Package and ensure you’re running your business legally. You can have our experts do all the filing for you, as well.

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Crackdown in Myrtle Beach on Unlicensed Businesses

The city of Myrtle Beach, SC will be hiring an outside contractor to further regulate its already strict business licenses.

City officials say technology companies, outside contractors and people who rent through VRBO and Air B and B are the ones who are operating without business licenses.

Whether you are a contractor, have a tech business, or are involved in short-term vacation rentals, LicenseSuite can help you get the licenses & permits you need to operate legally! Get your own, personalized Business Licenses Compliance Package, or speak to one of our filing experts to get it all done on your behalf.
Don’t wait and face the consequences.

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10-Year-Old Told She Needs to Pay $3,500 to Run Lemonade Stand

Would you understand if your child was ordered to pay business license fees & insurance in order to run a lemonade stand?

Anabelle Lockwood, from Fountain Valley, California, started the stand on a ‘hot summer day’ in June after spending the night squeezing lemons. She set up ‘The Loco Lemon’ in her townhouse complex on a cart her dad built for her 10th birthday and was ‘amazed’ by the response from customers…But now she has been told by Orange County health officials to pay up a total of $3,500 and about $500 per year after that if she wants to continue trading.


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This Primitive Business Struggles with Compliance

Local home retail business owner is upset after the city revokes her business license for the second time, feeling as though she’s being targeted. Kingwood, WV City Council has an explanation.

Preston Primitives was instructed several weeks ago to remove their sign because of violation of building permits,” Robertson [City Council meeting Recorder) said at the meeting. “They took down their sign, and through time it was placed up against their house and on weekends they brought it back to where it was. It is our opinion that it is a violation of the building permit, and they were not issued a building permit.

How unfortunate when a small business owner, striving to be successful, has to go through so much legal trouble in order to operate. There are services available to get this all taken care of their behalf, enabling small business owners to stay compliant and run their business. Get a Business License Compliance Package, or get filing assistance from the experts.

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City Officials and Local Businesses Talk Trash

Trash hauling businesses in Reading, PA are fighting accusations that they’re guilty for not paying business license fees and taxes, saying they were told years ago that they’re in the clear.

Cindy Kemp, co-owner of Cleon Kemp Sanitation, said Friday that she has a letter dated March 19, 2007, from the city tax department saying that unless the firm had a physical location in the city, it did not need a business license or have to pay business privilege taxes… However, City Managing Director W. Glenn Steckman III said the letter was not based on legislation but rather on a Commonwealth Court ruling that said a business not located in the municipality didn’t have to pay the privilege tax. “That decision was appealed to the state Supreme Court and it was overturned,” Steckman said.

It’s unfortunate that there is so much confusion whether or not business license fees and taxes apply to these businesses without physical locations in the city. Especially because it could have all been avoided. Using LicenseSuite or ordering a Compliance Package will ensure you’re never at odds with city officials.

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DC Bar In Hot Water Due To Its Liquor License…Again

After getting shut down by the Alcoholic Beverage Control in November, this speakeasy bar in Washington, DC reopens, but regulators still have a bone to pick.

It turns out, however, The Speak may still be a real speakeasy. According to Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration spokesperson Jessie Cornelius, it’s a violation for an establishment to operate under any trade name that has not been approved by the liquor board. The Speak is not an approved trade name—only Vieux Carre is listed on the liquor license. Cornelius says ABRA is investigating the matter.

Any business that deals with or serves alcohol is going to be heavily regulated and scrutinized. Big brother ABC is watching. Let the experts handle the filing for your liquor licenses, so you can make sure you’re in the clear.

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City in Alaska approves business license fee increase

“Borough assembly members approved the first reading of an ordinance raising the cost of municipal business licenses and removing a provision for quarterly sales tax return compensation.”

You may have to pay more to get a business license now in Skagway, AK, but you don’t have to through the process blindly. Use LicenseSuite to determine exactly what licenses and permits your particular business needs, and let our experts help with filing for the licenses.

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California town proposes a 140 percent business license tax increase

Pacific Grove City Council will propose to residents next week a 140% business license tax increase, taking the current rate from $0.001 per dollar of gross receipts to $0.0024. Business owners are none too pleased, stating that every dollar counts when running a small business.

The city has been exploring ways to increase revenue for months and this is one of the ideas the council thinks could work.
“It’s a beautiful old city but we need to start investing in our city,” Harvey said. “Our infrastructure is very tired, and we don’t have any mechanisms currently to do anything other than the status quo.”

While we can’t help reduce city-imposed business license tax, we can help you figure out exactly which licenses your business needs and even help you file for them. We reduce your time spent, stress, and headache.

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