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San Francisco Doesn’t Make Driving for Uber Easy

A week after legislation was passed requiring Uber and Lyft drivers to obtain business licenses in order to operate legally in San Francisco, drivers are discovering that there’s more than just an annual fee due.

[As] reported last week, the licenses “cost $91 each, annually”…It might be time to up that figure, however, as drivers who are heading out to get their licenses are now being told that they’re also on the hook for an additional $155 in fees and penalties for every year they worked without the license, CBS 5 reports.

While we are not in any place to comment on whether this rule is fair or not, LicenseSuite services can help make this frustrating process much easier. We have uniquely designed packages for Uber drivers to either get them all the paperwork they need to file, or to have a specialist handle all filing and paperwork on their behalf. These services are uber helpful.

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San Francisco orders Uber and Lyft drivers to obtain business licenses

San Francisco has introduced legislation requiring 37,000 ride-sharing app drivers to obtain business licenses in order to operate in the city.

Uber is not planning to fight, according to an email from spokesperson Laura Zapata: “Uber partners with entrepreneurial drivers and as independent contractors, they are responsible for following appropriate local requirements.”

Uber may not be fighting the new law, but that won’t prevent their drivers from having to fight their way through authorities to actually get their business license. That’s where our services come in.

Uber drivers struggling to figure out how to obtain or actually get their business licenses can use our services to get all the forms they need to apply or they can choose our full-service option and then the only thing the driver needs to do is receive the license.

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Uber drivers now need a business license to operate in San Francisco

An ongoing regulation battle between cities and ride-sharing companies has resulted in San Francisco now requiring drivers for Uber and Lyft to obtain a $91 business license annually, in order operate there.

The requirement highlights the legal complexity of Uber’s and Lyft’s business models, which rely on independent contractors, rather than employees, to shuttle passengers. Those contractors must comply with local laws which may differ in many of the hundreds of cities around the world where they operate.

The City by the Bay is the next up in a recent trend of cities and states passing legislation ordering ride-sharing company drivers to have a business license in order to operate legally. Fortunate for these drivers, Business Licenses, LLC is always on top of the latest trends.

Uber drivers struggling to figure out how to obtain their business license can use our services to get all the forms they need to apply or they can choose our full-service option and then the only thing the driver needs to do is receive the license. Business Licenses, LLC has Uber drivers’ backs.

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Liquor licenses make a comeback in Georgetown after 27 years

There’s a new felt excitement (among some people) in our nation’s capital as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board lifts a 27-year-old ban on liquor licenses in the Georgetown district.

Proponents hope that Georgetown will get additional consideration for new restaurants, bringing more business to the area.

The moratorium was implemented in 1989 in response to noise and vandalism complaints from Georgetown residents regarding patrons of establishments that were permitted to sell alcohol…“Input received from Georgetown community and business groups supported lifting the cap on restaurant licenses because the issues of noise, trash and vandalism — which were the original catalysts for the moratorium — had improved.”

While this is certainly exciting for the D.C. neighborhood, it doesn’t mean obtaining the liquor licenses and dealing with the issuing authority is going to be a breeze.

Our end-to-end licensing services can keep these times joyous as we handle all the steps to actually get properly licensed. We determine exactly what a restaurant and/or bar needs to operate legally, get them the forms they need for the application, and even file all the paperwork on their behalf. All the restaurant owner needs to do is receive the license and, of course, find some customers.

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City of Augusta, GA masters vendor license process

It’s that time of year again – the Masters Golf Tournament. And along with an influx of golfers and fans into Augusta, comes vendors setting up shop and hoping to take advantage of the crowded city streets.

Properly licensed vendors receive a special lanyard to display at their tent, enabling inspectors to easily give the OK or crack down on unlicensed sellers.

For the tents, temporary licenses are necessary. And now, inspectors have an easier way to make sure everyone has them… Even if you’re selling water bottles, chances are you need license to set up shop. If only for this one week a year.

Having a tent set up to sell goods even for a week requires a vendor to have some sort of license. If they get caught out of compliance, they will lose precious time for making sales in order to figure out what they need and obtain it. The wise vendors get it all taken care of beforehand. LicenseSuite can figure out exactly what a vendor needs and even do the filing on their behalf. Ensuring you’re all set to go legally is our idea of a hole-in-one.

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Renewals are due in Johns Creek

Businesses in Johns Creek, GA have just a few days to renew business tax certificates before getting hit with penalties.

Failure to receive a renewal application does not relieve a business of responsibility to pay its business tax by the deadline. Late payments are subject to a 10 percent penalty and interest of 1.5 percent a month.

While this article does spell out what you need to do to renew your business license in Johns Creek, it doesn’t tell you about all the time and headache you can save by not worrying about renewals and penalties in the first place. Our services can handle renewals on your behalf.

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Salon is the new saloon

After two new salon businesses requested to be able to serve liquor to customers, Glenview, IL trustees approved and instructed village staff to create a new liquor license for salons.

After a lengthy debate, the majority of trustees supported charging $2,000 for each such license, requiring food be served with the alcohol, and placing no limit on the number of drinks served to each customer.

It’s exciting to see new business owners thinking out of the box to give customers an even better experience. While serving alcohol is a heavily regulated practice, obtaining a license for it is attainable! Let our services help you out. We can help figure out which licenses you need for your location, file them for you, and handle all renewals.

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City acts hospitably towards business owners by indirectly cutting business license fee

After a failed attempt to repeal the hospitality tax just a month ago, Aiken, SC has announced that $700,000 from the tax is being put back into the city’s growing economy in the form of business license fee reduction.

The hospitality tax is also expected to put money back in the pockets of business owners. The city’s website says $160,000 from the tax will be given back to business owners by cutting the cost of their business licenses.

If you are opening a business in Aiken or expanding an existing business there, it just got a little more affordable. You can get more details on what’s required in the city with tools like our Business License Compliance Packages, filing and renewals assistance, and professional consulting.

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Subscription canceled for solicitors in AL

Three men were arrested in Alabama for going to door-to-door, selling magazines without a business license.

“There are certain rules they have to go by,” Captain Brad Mason said. “They were made aware of these. They didn’t comply with the rules and so that’s why they were arrested the second day they were soliciting.”

If someone plans to be involved in door-to-door solicitations, they need to be aware of the strict requirements that come with it. It may seem simple to start this work, but you first may need to go through things like background checks and fingerprinting. Every time police get involved in a business activity – like they do for second-hand dealing – there can be very tough guidelines.

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Obtaining a business license is as easy as 1, 2, click!

Washoe County, NV is leading the march into the 21st century and has enabled business owners to apply for, pay for, and renew their business licenses online.

“This will make it so anyone can apply for a license or a permit 24 hours a day, pay online. They won’t have to come into the office; they won’t have to mail things in.”

Good for them, but it’s too bad their online system doesn’t determine your exact licensing needs for you or manage your renewals.


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