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City Officials and Local Businesses Talk Trash

Trash hauling businesses in Reading, PA are fighting accusations that they’re guilty for not paying business license fees and taxes, saying they were told years ago that they’re in the clear.

Cindy Kemp, co-owner of Cleon Kemp Sanitation, said Friday that she has a letter dated March 19, 2007, from the city tax department saying that unless the firm had a physical location in the city, it did not need a business license or have to pay business privilege taxes… However, City Managing Director W. Glenn Steckman III said the letter was not based on legislation but rather on a Commonwealth Court ruling that said a business not located in the municipality didn’t have to pay the privilege tax. “That decision was appealed to the state Supreme Court and it was overturned,” Steckman said.

It’s unfortunate that there is so much confusion whether or not business license fees and taxes apply to these businesses without physical locations in the city. Especially because it could have all been avoided. Using LicenseSuite or ordering a Compliance Package will ensure you’re never at odds with city officials.

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DC Bar In Hot Water Due To Its Liquor License…Again

After getting shut down by the Alcoholic Beverage Control in November, this speakeasy bar in Washington, DC reopens, but regulators still have a bone to pick.

It turns out, however, The Speak may still be a real speakeasy. According to Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration spokesperson Jessie Cornelius, it’s a violation for an establishment to operate under any trade name that has not been approved by the liquor board. The Speak is not an approved trade name—only Vieux Carre is listed on the liquor license. Cornelius says ABRA is investigating the matter.

Any business that deals with or serves alcohol is going to be heavily regulated and scrutinized. Big brother ABC is watching. Let the experts handle the filing for your liquor licenses, so you can make sure you’re in the clear.

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City in Alaska approves business license fee increase

“Borough assembly members approved the first reading of an ordinance raising the cost of municipal business licenses and removing a provision for quarterly sales tax return compensation.”

You may have to pay more to get a business license now in Skagway, AK, but you don’t have to through the process blindly. Use LicenseSuite to determine exactly what licenses and permits your particular business needs, and let our experts help with filing for the licenses.

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California town proposes a 140 percent business license tax increase

Pacific Grove City Council will propose to residents next week a 140% business license tax increase, taking the current rate from $0.001 per dollar of gross receipts to $0.0024. Business owners are none too pleased, stating that every dollar counts when running a small business.

The city has been exploring ways to increase revenue for months and this is one of the ideas the council thinks could work.
“It’s a beautiful old city but we need to start investing in our city,” Harvey said. “Our infrastructure is very tired, and we don’t have any mechanisms currently to do anything other than the status quo.”

While we can’t help reduce city-imposed business license tax, we can help you figure out exactly which licenses your business needs and even help you file for them. We reduce your time spent, stress, and headache.

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Check Out Our New Video To Discover All You Need To Know About Licensing Your Business!

Check out our new instructional video to discover all you need to know about licensing your business!

Then go to LicenseSuite to get your Business License Compliance Package and see for yourself how easy it is!

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Tallahassee bids farewell to business license tax

Leaders of the Florida capital granted the request of the Chamber of Commerce to repeal the city’s business license tax, benefiting local business owners and becoming the first city in The Sunshine State to do so. Part of the intention is to enable local business growth and show appreciation for those running them.

“Our city commission, our commissioners, our mayor, also look at it as a privilege to have business here. And if there is something that we can do on the public sector side to contribute to that, and show you that we understand, your being here is creating jobs, growing your business, employing our residents, it’s a significant contributor to the stability and growth of Tallahassee.”

This is certainly pleasant news for small business owners in Tallahassee who get put that money back in their pockets. Owning a business license, though, is still a requirement. LicenseSuite can help determine what licenses are needed for business any industry out there. Filing assistance services are available as well.

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New Georgia Town Takes Its Next Big Step

A brand new city that just elected its first mayor and city council in March, Tucker, GA is now issuing official commercial business licenses.

Business owners wanting to apply for a commercial business license must bring proper documentation to be considered…“We look forward to taking our next step in making Tucker a fully functioning city,” said Mayor Frank Auman. “And issuing business licenses will bring us one step closer to our goal.”

This is exciting news for this growing, new town. The first step in obtaining a business license is determining exactly what licenses your business needs. Then you can apply for the licenses. There’s even an option to have your licenses filed for on your behalf, or have the whole process taken care of from start to end.

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New Tobacco License Rules Light Up this Oregon County

Multnomah County adopted new rules for tobacco licenses this week. Stores that sell tobacco will have to apply for a license starting July 1.

Whether a shop is a “mom and pop affair,” or a quarter of a million square foot Walmart, the new tobacco license costs $580. The money pays for Multnomah County inspectors to visit stores and make sure they’re not selling to minors. Shops are meant to check the IDs of any customer appearing to be younger than 27.

This county is taking measures to guarantee it has the funds to support inspectors checking on stores that sell tobacco and make sure they’re not selling to minors. This seems like a very worthy endeavor. The only thing that could make this situation better is if the store owners could get help with filing for these tobacco licenses. Business Licenses, LLC offers filing assistance by experts. They can file for the license on your behalf.

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Unpaid Business License Fees Crackdown in Grayson, KY

This Kentucky town is no longer going to let businesses slide without paying their license fees. It was decided at their most recent City Council meeting that, with the help of the police, businesses with unpaid license fees will be forced to make payments.

The council discussed six businesses that have not paid license fees…police must hand-deliver letters detailing the fees to the delinquent businesses.

The business then has 10 days to pay. If not, on the 10th day the business will be ordered closed and if it remains open will be fined $500 each day.

It’s unfortunate that some business in Grayson let it get this far that they need to be threatened with penalties and by police to pay their dues to the city. Business Licenses, LLC can ensure your business has all the licenses it needs, and file for the licenses on your behalf so the process is done in a good and timely manner.

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Next Stop on the Liquor License Train: Barrington, IL

As the number of independent breweries has increased across the country over the last few years, cities show they are open for the option to have liquor licenses available in order to facilitate and continue the popular trend.

On Monday, Barrington trustees positioned the village for the budding trend by unanimously approving a new liquor license category that would allow businesses to distill and serve alcohol on site. ‘This is a trend in suburban communities, and we are watching what’s happening in other towns…’

The director of economic development believes that the approval of this new liquor license category will encourage entrepreneurs and fuel more business for the town of Barrington. Determine all the licenses your business needs in order to operate legally, and let our expert team file for the licenses on your behalf.

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