Business License Reform In Talks In Myrtle Beach

Officials in Myrtle Beach are concerned about changes to business license law, taxes increasing.

Right now, the city of Myrtle Beach charges a fee specifically for businesses that are located outside of the city limits, but do business within the city.

That includes landscaping, plumbing and electrician services, because they still use city services but don’t pay all of the taxes businesses within the city do…He said that loss alone is projected at more than $2.5 million.

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City Councils Encourages Small Business Growth In Washington Town

In an attempt to boost small business growth in Waitsburg, WA, City Council considers eliminating licensing fees for new businesses.

Waitsburg’s current city code requires new businesses to register with the city and pay a $50 fee. A resolution before City Council would temporarily remove the fee requirement until Feb. 6 of next year…

…New businesses would still have to register with the city and pay any other fees associated with their operational activities, and annual renewal fees would remain in effect for existing businesses.

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Prison A Possible Penalty If You’re Lacking A License in Alabama

Alabama county doesn’t rule out jail time or fines as penalty for operating without a business license.

“If someone has not purchased a business license, they can be fined for the amount of that license, but also they could be subject to six months in jail,” said Dollar, who noted that those measures, taken in conjunction with the district attorney’s office, are a last resort.

“We don’t want to go to that extreme unless we’ve exhausted all of our resources to try to collect that,” he said.

There’s no reason to be unaware of the licenses your business needs to stay compliant when there are resources such as LicenseSuite and full service research and filing. The former can determine every license and permit your business needs to operate legally; the latter takes care of the whole filing process on your behalf. Take advantage.

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Kentucky County Sees Its First New Package Liquor License

Small businesses in Barren County, KY are approved for its first package liquor license after an important vote for countywide alcohol sales.

All of the first 11 businesses since the Sept. 27 vote for legal countywide alcohol sales that applied to sell package liquor in Barren County are expected to get their licenses once they meet the final inspection and other requirements, according to notices local alcoholic beverage administrators received from state ABC officials Wednesday.

This is good news for businesses in Kentucky, but actually filing for and obtaining those licenses can be a challenge. We can help with the filing for them.

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Senate Proposal Pushes for More Liquor Licenses in Wyoming

More liquor licenses are on the way to Wyoming towns, as per a new bill being pushed by senators.

Senate File 155 deals specifically with bar and grill liquor licenses as authorized under Wyoming Statute 12-4-413.

The proposal would change the population formula establishing how many permits can be issued in incorporated cities or towns of a certain size.

This is good news for small businesses in Wyoming, but actually obtaining those licenses can be a challenge. We can help with the filing for them.

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Liquor License Scarcity Affects Businesses in CA Town

There’s a lack of liquor licenses available for business owners in Westwood Village, CA, potentially preventing small business growth.

The Westwood Neighborhood Council, which advises the city on alcohol permit applications, imposes conditions on businesses’ alcohol sales because state guidelines restrict the number of businesses that can sell alcohol in the district…“I am a firm believer that there are repercussions to regulating business,” Beverly said. “We have to be careful about creating a reputation for being nitpicky, because that will affect future business in the Village.”

Where liquor licenses are available,  we can help with the filing for them.

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New, thorough business license application crossing a line?

Hazleton, PA changes its business license application in an effort to reduce business fraud.

Councilman David Sosar disagrees with requesting what he believes is an unnecessary amount of information from business owners, including social security numbers, banks used for business accounts, names of accountants and utility information…“We’ve all been getting a lot of calls from residents who are business owners,” said Sosar. “They don’t want to provide such a great deal of information; they think it’s intrusive.”

We won’t judge if this is a necessary or potentially overreaching step to take in preventing fraud, but we will tell you that no matter what the business license application process is like, we can help with the filing. We can also help figure out what licenses you need to file yourself.

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Internet Celebrity in GA Caught without Business License

A YouTube celebrity has been cited in Georgia for operating a business from his home without a license.

…Cobb County code enforcement officer cited Justin Chandler for illegally running a business out of his house, saying that the “videos he makes for income can be considered business activity” made with business equipment. Chandler argues otherwise…”This extremely unique and rare scenario poses the question: [Does] filming and uploading YouTube videos from your home constitute the home as a business?” he asks.

As this modern type of business trend grows more popular, the definitive law needs to be decided. Otherwise, people will keep getting caught off-guard as in this case.

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SC County Changes License Law to Avoid Problems

Crackdown underway on South Carolina businesses as leaders change business license law to curb illegal activity.

Now, new businesses will have to complete a detailed application that identifies everyone involved in the business. They’ll also have to identify who will be operating the business, give any criminal or nuisance history, and businesses serving alcohol after midnight will have to complete a safety plan…“It’s all about safety, creating safety in these late night establishments to help our police officers know who we’re dealing with…

Better to avoid any illegal activity to begin with. Figure out what licenses and permits your business needs, file for them, and obtain them.

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No Liquor License, No Problem in California

Beauty salons in California can now serve beer and wine – free of charge – to customers sans liquor license, according to a new law.

A popular high-end salon chain, Drybar, was the driving force behind the bill…”That was something women were talking about – why they loved Drybar – they loved getting their hair done, they love the confidence they had when they went out the door, but they also love having a glass of wine while sitting here,”…The new law does not mean bottomless booze for your beauty treatments. It mandates that salons can only serve 6 ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer per customer. The drinks also have to be free and have to be served before 10 p.m.

While salons in California caught a lucky break, most establishments that sell any type of alcohol need a liquor license, as it’s a heavily regulated field. Business Licenses, LLC can help file for your liquor license.

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