Los Angeles County Issues Its First Cannabis License

The city and county of Los Angeles are expected to become the capital of cannabis once the state of California’s regulated adult-use market is up and running. While Denver, Colorado, may have grabbed all of the early attention, California’s market numbers will be hard to top.

Get your business license for any industry in LA County by starting here.

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Hotdog Vendor in CA Gets Earnings Confiscated For Operating Without a Permit

UC-Berkeley police officer seizes money from unlicensed food vendor during citation.

The vendor, Beto Matias, told ABC station KGO-TV in San Francisco, “I was in a state of shock when I saw he was taking my money.”

Officer Sean Aranas told KGO that the cash was taken as evidence and that he was acting on orders from a supervisor to issue a citation.

While this is certainly a controversial situation, generally every food vendor needs a permit to operate. Get yours for Berkeley or any other city here.

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Obtaining a License Gets a Bit Simpler for Illinois Business Owners

Wheeling, Illinois poised to end background checks for business owners.

The policy got extra attention when a longtime business owner complained the requirement infringed upon his constitutional rights.

…The village board implemented the ordinance in 2008, after a resident complained about being cheated by a business owner with a criminal record.

Although background checks are being nixed in Wheeling, business licenses are still essential for opening a small business. Start the process here.

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Obsolete Ordinance Confuses Detroit Small Business Owners

Cleaning Hats in Detroit, Michigan Still Requires a License, Per an Outdated Law.

Even though hat-wearing is no longer a popular fashion, the city still has an ordinance mandating businesses that wash hats get a license. The ordinance was written for a time when people would drop their expensive hats off at businesses that only cleaned hats, according to Kevin Jones, the manager of the city’s Business License Division. Those businesses no longer exist in Detroit.

Although the reason behind the ordinance may no longer apply, you can start your licensing process for Detroit here.

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Residents in Louisiana Region Ensured Better Protection When Hiring Workers

Acadiana, Louisiana: New law requires contractors to provide licensing information to home owners.

Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana has often heard horror stories from consumers concerning shoddy work or unfinished jobs, especially after major storm events such as hurricanes and the August 2016 floods.

In a move applauded by BBB, the Louisiana legislature recently passed a new law effective this month requiring residential and home improvement contractors to present licensing and insurance information to clients before doing any work.

Just in case you’re a contractor without proper licensing in Louisiana, start here to get your requirements.

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Small Business Owners in AR Upset as New Policy Forces Them to Pay for Police Presence

Texarkana, Arkansas business owners voice concerns over proposed business license ordinance.

A judge cleared the way Thursday for Nevada to allow more businesses to move marijuana from growers to stores in an effort to keep up with overwhelming demand since recreational pot sales began last month.

Whether the new policy is approved or not, your requirements for Texarkana can be found here.

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Good News for Aspiring Marijuana Sellers & Cultivators in The Silver State

Nevada judge clears way for more state pot licenses

A judge cleared the way Thursday for Nevada to allow more businesses to move marijuana from growers to stores in an effort to keep up with overwhelming demand since recreational pot sales began last month.

Your marijuana business requirements for Nevada start here.

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Illegal Business Crackdown by Councilman in Rhode Island

Johnston, Rhode Island: Councilman Richard DelFino III targets non-compliant businesses.

DelFino stated that Johnston is a “very, very business friendly community” and that there are many good businesses in town. He said that the town is proud of those businesses and of the relationship between community and businesses. But he believes it’s not fair to the business owners, taxpayers, and people that follow the rules for these others enterprises to slip through.

Don’t be one of them. Your business license requirements for Johnston here.

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Sport Fishing Guiding in Alaska a Crime? Without the Right Permit It Is

Man charged for guiding on Kenai River in Alaska without proper licensing.

The charges stem from an investigation on July 27, when Park Ranger Tom Anthony received a report from an off-duty park ranger that Hollandworth was operating illegally in the Honeymoon Cove area of the river and allowing clients to continue to fish for king salmon after retaining fish, which is against regulations, according to Anthony’s affidavit.

If you are operating a business illegally – no matter where you are in the US – you will get caught and pay the price. Stay in compliance with the law. Business requirements for Alaska and other states can be found here.

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County in New Mexico Considers Beginning a Business License Program

Eddy County, New Mexico explores business licensing ordinance

Work on the ordinance began in May amid efforts to regulate the RV parks and man camps after public outcry among La Huerta residents.

Eddy County currently has no mechanism in place to license and track businesses.

Get ahead of the game. Find out your requirements to open a business in Eddy County or any other county here.

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