Running a Fireworks Business in New Hampshire? Pay Up. Big Time.

In court filing, Seabrook, NH justifies $7,000 fireworks license fee.

According to Marshall’s suit on behalf of her clients, the New Hampshire Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that to be valid license fees “must bear a relation to and approximate the expense of issuing the licenses and in inspecting and regulating the business licenses.”

But, according to the rebuttal filed by town attorney Justin Pasay, of Donahue, Tucker and Ciandella, given the “unique and inherent danger” that fireworks provide, and Seabrook’s tragic history with fireworks establishments, the fee is justified.”

Is it even worth keeping your business running with that exorbitant license fee? That’s what the fireworks businesses now need to decide. And right before the week they live for.

For your business license requirements and filing in Seabrook, start here.

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Florida Councilman In Trouble for Running a Business Without a License

Panama City Beach, Florida Councilman in hot water for operating a short-term rental business without a rental license.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is investigating allegations made by real estate agent…alleges Solis is operating his HTS ventures short-term condo rental business without required state licenses. While the complaint didn’t specifically mention the rental-condo permit, Solis said he discovered he needed it after the complaint was filed and self-reported to the state DBPR.

For your business license requirements and filing in Panama City Beach, start here.

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South Carolina County Starts Talking Licensing

Orangeburg County, SC wants to bring in additional revenue by requiring businesses to get licenses.

“Right now there is nothing in the county,” Planning Director Richard Hall said. “If a business is in the city and they do work in the county, the city collects all that money because we don’t have a business license.”

The county is considering a plan with a varying rate, depending on the type of business. On average, businesses would pay $1 per $1,000 in revenue for companies making less than $1 million.

Start here to get your business license for Orangeburg County.

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Webinar: Understanding Heavily-Regulated Licenses on Wednesday, June 14th!

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Have you ever tried to find the prerequisites for a food permit in California, acquire a contractor license in Florida, or renew a second-hand dealer license pretty much anywhere? Not so simple. They take time, diligence, and a thorough mastery of the complex rules. On June 14th, join Business License Research Specialist, Erin Ross, as she isolates particularly challenging states and breaks down the most efficient ways to cut through the noise.

In this free, no-obligation webinar, you will learn valuable information from which your company can greatly benefit. You will learn how to tackle rigorously controlled licenses in heavily-regulated jurisdictions and you will greatly reduce your risks of running into non-compliance issues.

We will keep the presentation around 40 minutes, leaving time for questions.

For your convenience, we will run the presentation twice on Wednesday, June 14th, once at 11am EST/8am PST and again at 2pm EST/11am PST. Please click here to register for one of those time options.

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Local “Delinquent” Businesses That Have Avoided Registrations & Fees Get Lucky

Small businesses in Spokane, Washington catch a break, as they’re granted amnesty period for business registrations and fees.

About 3,000 businesses operating within city limits haven’t registered with Spokane’s Tax and Licensing Department, which is required annually, officials said. Businesses that are not properly registered can be fined up to $536 per day.

This article does provide a helpful link for information on the business license process in Spokane,  which is a rarity. You can still use a service to file for the licenses on your behalf and determining your exact requirements.

For business license and permit requirements in Spokane, WA, start here:

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California Town Looks to Raise Revenues, at the Expense of Small Business Owners

Atherton, California City Council considers raising business license tax as a way to “increase town revenues”.

Any changes in the tax would have to go before the voters in an election during which council members are scheduled to be elected, which won’t be until November 2018. To pass, the tax would have to be favored by at least a simple majority (just one vote over 50 percent) of voters.

The current business license tax, applying to anyone who does business in Atherton, from pool cleaning companies to real estate companies, ranges from $25 to $250 a year. It raises about $228,000 a year.

No matter how much it costs you or the reason for a tax increase, business licenses are required. Small businesses in Atherton, CA can start here.

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Debate is On Over Business Licenses Fees in Isle of Wight

Come 2018, the business license fee structure in Isle of Wight, Virginia​ can change. Officials are in debate about the reason for the change and whether or not it’s necessary.

Assistant County Administrator Don Robertson said that before debating specific fees and rates, it would help him and county staff to know what the board’s intention is for potentially changing the county’s business license fees.

“If the intent is to help small businesses, we can develop a rate structure that can do that; if your intent is to have accountability of those businesses [earning less than $4,000] then we need to look at whether this is the best mechanism to get them to come through the door and file for a business license,” Robertson said.

No matter how much it costs or how much your business is earning, business licenses are a must.
Start here for Isle of Wight, VA.

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Market Vendors in Hanford, CA Need Business Permits

In addition to market vendors, mobile food trucks and roadside stands are included, as well. Sixteen years have gone by that vendors weren’t required to pay fees.

Hanford City Manager Darrel Pyle said Hanford’s municipal code requires business licenses for anybody operating a for-profit enterprise in city limits.

Pyle said it was an oversight that the code wasn’t being enforced for Market Place vendors.

He estimated that most vendors would end up paying less than $50 a year.

Lucky for those vendors who got a free ride for so many years, but now it’s time to pay up.
Find your business license and permit requirements for Hanford, CA here.

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Pelham, AL Introduces Amended Business License Moratorium

Each year the city has opted to extend the moratorium and along the way it was amended the state that the ‘City Council may approve the issuance of a business license for an existing business which is subject to the moratorium on a case-by-case basis upon application to the City Council.’

Find out your license and permit requirements in Pelham here.

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Uber Partakes in Recent Trend of Tech Companies Protecting Privacy of Users from the Government

Uber joins the fight in protecting privacy as it refuses to give its drivers’ personal info over to the city of San Francisco in order to contact them regarding business licenses.

Uber is going to court seeking to block San Francisco from forcing it to provide the names and addresses of its drivers.

The city wants the information so it can notify drivers that they are required to get business licenses, just like all other small enterprises in the city, from nail salons to freelance writers. But Uber, which previously has provided the information for city audits, says it wants to protect its drivers’ privacy.

Certainly an important debate whether or not Uber is required to give this information over to the city. Uber drivers still need a business license to operate legally in San Francisco and other cities. Busines Licenses, LLC can help with exactly that. Specific services special for Uber drivers.

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