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Business licenses for Marijuana Businesses


In Adams County, CO, the ability to own a marijuana business, will be determined by whether you are lucky enough to win the lottery for a license. Even once you get a license, there are many regulations that come into play.


"All industry businesses must be at least 100 feet from churches, youth centers, alcohol or drug rehabilitation facilities, group homes for the developmentally disabled and halfway houses or correctional facilities.”


We get the feeling that these rules (which admittedly make some sense) are only the tip of the iceberg. This is precisely why research, especially on a national scale, is so challenging. When you’re trying to open up locations, who knows which rules embedded in the official law will give you trouble.


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Business Licensing Moving to the Cloud


In recent news, Boston announced that they are moving the licensing and permitting process to manage the 86,000 permits they receive annually to an online cloud platform.

Could this be the future?  It should certainly make it easier for Boston to manage the many licenses and permits it issues annually, but will it be better for the people who need to apply? The answer is like it is in many situations, it depends.

To learn more about Boston's new plans for issuing licenses and permits, you can read the full article here.

Unlicensed Marijuana Shops to Close by Summer in Tacoma


In recent news, Tacoma, WA, has decided it will be closing all unlicensed shops selling marijuana to close by the summer. There are at least 56 shops and unfortunately the “council members picked the toughest approach” when dealing with unlicensed stores. As with any business you open, it is important to be properly licensed or you could face serious consequences including forced closure of your business in this case.


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License Changes on the Way for Craft Beverage Makers in NY


If you're a brewer, cider producer or winery, you're about to see change to legislation that could help you grow your business without previous prohibitive licenses standing in your way. 

As a result of the "the 2014 Craft New York Act, which Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recently signed into law...small, locally owned manufacturers of beer, wine, spirits and cider [will be able] to grow their business."

"The new law revises statutes affecting these license holders: brewers, farm brewers, cider producers, Class A-1, B-1 and farm distilleries, wineries and farm wineries. Minimum production thresholds were implemented across each of these categories, and the maximum production thresholds will increase. This will allow license holders to grow their business without the need to apply for a different type of license, a requirement that could have been cost-prohibitive."

To read more of the article, click here or to learn about how we can help you stay on top of ever-changing licensing requirements in your state by contacting us.

What Happens in a Merger and Acquisition?


In this week’s news, two big mergers were announced. Actavis is buying Allergan and Halliburton is merging with Baker Hughes.  As these companies look to grow their businesses together, its important to remember that while they may be able to merge their staff and share assets, they won’t be able to share their business licenses.

Uber Changing Up Government Sanctioned Taxi Monopolies


Uber is changing up ride-sharing. Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission recently gave Uber permission to operate in most cities, except Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania.  With this, traditional taxi services will be competing with the innovative service that Uber provides.

"The state utility commission, which held exhaustive hearings on the issue last summer, set some reasonable conditions on Uber X's operation, during what will be a two-year experiment. Its drivers will have to have background checks and proper insurance, and no vehicle older than eight years is permitted.  

Those kinds of safety and quality of service regulations will need to continue. But it's clear that the old-fashioned way of regulating the taxi industry is on the way out. It has been a great deal for those who own the taxi operating permits. It's not so great for drivers or the passengers they carry."

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Consequences of Not Being Properly Licensed


Think only your business is affected when you don't have a proper business license? Think again. Harrisburg's new treasurer has stepped down after it was discovered that he ran his business without a business license. 

Most business licenses do not cost an absurd amount of money and I'm sure it wasn't worth the cost of losing the position of city treasurer for Tyrell Spradley. 

"The tax office said Spradley did apply for a business license for Minotaur Services LLC just hours before City Council selected him to fulfill the Treasurer's Office."

But unfortunately it was too late. 

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Unexpected Consequences for Unpaid Business Licenses


There can be serious consequences for not being up to date on your business licenses. Especially if you are audited.  What's worse - sometimes there are unexpected consequences.

"To get an idea of what can happen after an audit from Municipal Auditing Services (MAS), look no further than an April 2013 lawsuit filed by Stanton-based Hospitality Enterprise Management, otherwise known as 007 Showgirls.

The lawsuit came after MAS was contracted to review business licenses and unpaid fees in Stanton, a city west of Anaheim. As a result of that audit, Stanton officials asked 007 Showgirls for additional business license fees, according to the lawsuit. And each of 007 Showgirls’ dancers was asked to pay $369 for a business license and $94 per year for each subsequent year; then they would have to pay separate fees for every location at which they danced.

“Through MAS, the city has announced that it will charge the fees for each location even if the dancer only dances there once,” according to the lawsuit.

Hospitality Enterprise Management dropped its lawsuit against MAS and the city, but the case provides some insight into how audits of unpaid business license fees can have unexpected consequences."

To read more, click to read the full article here.

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Are there Consequences for Advertising your Business without a License?


Depending on the state, there can be. According to this recent article by the CATO institute:

"Under Ohio law, it isn’t illegal to buy gold, it isn’t illegal to sell gold, and it isn’t illegal to talk about buying and selling gold. But—and it’s a significant “but”—if you talk about buying gold, you’re not allowed to actually buy any. At least not without a license.

That’s right: in Ohio, it’s illegal for anyone who advertises a willingness to buy gold to do so without a license. Obtaining and maintaining that license isn’t easy, or cheap. Licenses must be renewed every year, and license holders have to make daily reports to the police detailing their purchases. This law creates a two-tiered system: dealers who have complied with the onerous licensing regime may freely advertise their businesses, while others can’t so much as put up a sign reading “We Buy Gold” without facing criminal prosecution and fines of up to $10,000 per transaction."

Second hand dealer licenses can be complex and understanding them and ensuring you are properly licensed may seem daunting. 

Download our free white paper, Why are Second Hand Dealer Licenses Such a Big Deal, that specifically focuses on second-hand dealer licenses and how we helped some of our big retail customers get properly licensed. 

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Business Licenses for Companies who Do Business in Different Cities


As we are seeing in more and more articles, cities are cracking down on unlicensed business owners and its not only those who own businesses in the city. In Pelham, AL, you need a license even if you conduct business in Pelham, such as making deliveries. 

To learn more about Pelham's license compliance, view the article here

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